Service & Support

Device Service

Testa customers are used to reliable devices. It goes without saying that your systems are regularly maintained.

All spare parts from stock

Benefit from our large warehouse. We can supply all spare parts for devices from the year 2000 directly from stock.

Express delivery service

Delivery throughout Germany from 08:00 on the next working day. Delivery in Europe on the second working day.

Your plus in competence

For over 40 years Testa GmbH has been a quality partner of industry and has helped to shape major developments in FID measurement technology.

Equipment service

Testa products are characterized by their robustness and longevity. Nevertheless, we recommend a maintenance cycle of 1x per year. To ensure a lasting measurement accuracy, it is important that individual components of the device, namely the pumps or the electronic vacuum control, are checked regularly.

If you wish to arrange a warranty extension for your Testa instrument, annual service is essential. A warranty extension for mobile FIDs as well as for wall equipment and rack equipment is possible for a period of 5 years from purchase. Please contact us for more information about warranty and warranty extension.

Submit your TESTA device for service

Fill in your online form "Return delivery" and send us the device back together with this

Return delivery

When sending in the device, note the following:

Spare part service

Call the Service Center of Testa GmbH at  +49 89 1293005 or send an e-mail to before 12:00 pm and shipping of the spare parts will take place on the same day.

Rent & Test

You are interested in purchasing a FID analyzer, but you have no experience with the use and performance of our devices?

First test - then buy, and you profit by partially crediting the rental costs! Device will be shipped after instruction in the operation of the FID.

If you purchase a similar device or system after the rental period, we will charge you as follows, depending on the time of receiving the order:

Max. 4 weeks after the end of the rental period -30 % net rental cost
Otherwise up to 3 months after the rental end -15 % of the net rental cost

The rental period is in minimum 2 weeks and the maximum is 6 months. It depends on the availability of the equipment.


It goes without saying that appropriate training courses are offered for the installation and commissioning of a FID analyzer or a FID measuring system. We consider our training as development and expansion of knowledge and your personal competence in the field of measurement of hydrocarbons with a flame ionization detector. Our training is an offer of the practitioner for the practitioner. So a real know-how transfer takes place. In addition, we offer equipment in-house training as well as seminars in FID measuring technology at any time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Improved equipment availability by reducing downtimes and maintenance times
  • Activation and exploitation of existing potentials by improving employee skills and employee motivation
  • Time savings through directly implementable training content
  • Services
  • Commissioning and device instruction
  • Repair service
  • Regular maintenance - also on site
  • Functional test
  • Service contracts
  • Product introduction


  • Commissioning and device instruction
  • Repair service
  • Regular maintenance - also on site
  • Functional test
  • Service contracts
  • Product introduction

We are looking forward

to being contacted by you.