Automotive Sample system

The heated sampling system is a combination of a heated sample line and a heated sample filter. The sample line is 500mm long; the filter element can be replaced very quick with the bayonet lock. Beside the very precisious and constant regulation of the line and filter temperature, there is a separate controll point fort he temperature at the filterinlet, where you have an information of the exhaust gas temperature. Also the calibration gas (prewarmed) can directly connected with the unit. The thermocouple is available as PT 100 or NiCrNi.


  • Modell 1025
  • with Bayonet lock 1026


The heated sampling system 1026 was especially made for measuring the Diesel exhaust gasesin CVS-devices.The sampleway was optimized in that way, that in the short sampling way we have realized a very constant temperature equilibrium. The exhaust gas temperature at the 1026 can be measured with a separate thermocouple for controlling the temerperature of the CVS device.


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