Filter Model iFiD Filter Backwash M1

The heated prefilter model iFiD Filter Backwash M1is a samplegasfilter which can flushbacked with an electronic solenoid valve. This valve can controll the pressure air (flushbackair) and the sample gas. The filter is very stable with the temperature level you preselect, and also in permanent use. In permanent use the maximum temperature is 200°C. The temperature is regulated in a range of +-1%.


This filter is used in motor testing applications especially with diesel engines or FSI engines where you have high particles in the exhaust gas. The built in solenoid valve is protecting the whole analyzing system during the flushback cycle against high flashpressure. In this time, the valve is switching to room air. Another solenoid valve is switching the pressure air for flushing the filterelement. The built in titan filter element is very easy to replace and also easy to clean.


IFiD Filter Backwash M1 PDF-Datei

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