The Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID) 2000 MP measures the concentration of Total Hydrocarbons in SHED-chambers of different sizes. For applications beginning of 2,5m3 we recommend to measure in a heated circular system to get a response time near to real changes of concentration in the chamber. For smaller chambers, we have developed a special FID-analyzer with a sample flow of 12ml/min. These two types of analyzers optimizethe air change rateover the extraction rate.


Accessoires & Filter

Special Advantages

  • Optimized extraction rate
  • Connection for 4 calibration gases
  • Heated time from 20°C to 200°C in 30 minutes
  • Automatic calibration
  • Calibration isolated from chamber
  • Automatic Flame ignition
  • Hydrogen cut off

Optional Modules

  • Heated lines
  • Zero gas generator CAP
  • Unheated chamberfilter
  • Heated valve


FID 2000 MP SHED PDF-Datei

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